Less than a man?

In my first week a male classmate mentioned how a majority of the group are women. A subject that caught everyone’s attention of course because media and news reporting is still a predominantly male industry. This led to the controversial topic of how men are earning more than some women. This made me ask myself something that I’ve never considered before.

Would I feel content in my dream career if I got paid less than a man?

During my Googling, I found a chart released in 2012 click to read , stating 91% of journalists who got their bylines on the front page of The Independent were male. Wait, whaat?!

Why can’t we be female badasses and set an example like those in Iceland earlier this year? They wanted equal pay and they gained it one way or another. I love Iceland.

“Eleanor Mills, chair of campaign group Women in Journalism (WiJ), told journalism.co.uk,

“The problem, and I think it’s true of other professions like law and medicine, is you have huge numbers of very keen, bright women but at the top they are entirely dominated by men,” she said.


I think it’s highly likely that no one wants to be on a lower salary, offering the same competence and skills, just because of what’s between their legs.

This line from the Guardian last year caught my eye, “The British journalism industry is 94% white, 86% university-educated and 55% male, according to a damning survey of 700 news professionals conducted by City University London.”

Almost half in the industry are women according to this which isn’t too shabby but that’s without mentioning their salaries. I already know a degree isn’t essential because I’m studying for my NCTJ but very curious to know what degrees they hold and their relevance. I want to learn more about why so few ethnic minorities become journalists.

5% of the UK population is Muslim and 3% black compare this to just two-fifths of British journalists being Muslim and only one-fifth black. I found this hard to believe considering we live in a country of diverse beauty and yet the average journalist is not only male but a privileged white kid.

So it seems more women study journalism than men but the numbers of employed news professionals are almost equal. However, men still continue to  dominate the superior and senior roles. I will tell you how much it irritates the crap outta me when some say women have less opportunity because employers fear the consequences of paternity leave. Just one of the arguments I keep coming across. Unbelievably ridiculous..

So, I answer my question. No, I wouldn’t feel fully content and achieved, if within the same position, a man earned more. I guess I’ll tackle that challenge if and when it arises.


That’s still not stopping me.

What are your thoughts and opinions?

Read the article in reference by The Guardian

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